Quality Attributes

Nu Qualities considering clear quality arrangement, gives main concern to different quality credits displayed beneath

Quality Assurance at Field Level

Field quality expects an extraordinary importance considering the way that the greater part of the mixtures has a place with cross pollinated/frequently cross pollinated crop species and the pollution at field level is very conceivable. Utilization of CMS seed guardians gives degree to tainting even in self pollinated crops like paddy. The accompanying precautionary measures are taken to guarantee quality at field level.

Precautions at Field Level

  • 1
    Proper field selection
  • 2
    Appropriate isolation distance
  • 3
    Exact synchronization of male and female flowering by staggering the dates of sowing
  • 4
    Appropriate Female: Male planting ratios
  • 5
    Field Inspection and rouging at following stages

Legitimate field assessments and rouging by the experience and qualified      creation staff guarantees hereditary virtue, seed wellbeing and seed practicality.

Quality Assurance at Laboratory Level

Nu Qualities has developed all important offices to guarantee the best seed quality at research center level. The accompanying stream – diagram of exercises portrays the various phases of value affirmation.

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