Hybrid Seed Production

Hybrid/varietal seed production of Naomi Seeds is spread over 3,000 acres in four districts of Andhra Pradesh, three districts of Karnataka and One district each in Gujarat and Maharastra. We take up seed production of 45-50 hybrids and nearly 20 open pollinated varieties of different field and vegetable crops.

Seed Chain Management

Commercial seed production involves the management of a complete seed chain which includes 4 stages of seed viz., nucleus seed, breeder seed, foundation seed and certified seed.

Production - Technology

Some of the important technical aspects of hybrid seed production of important field crops.

Production - Locations

Seed Processing

Seed processing, conditioning, and packing are vital operations for enhancing seed quality and physical appearance. Seed treatment with chemicals protects the crop from insect pest damage and seed / soil-borne diseases for a specific period.

The seed processing chain involves the following steps.

Production & Processing Gallery