Coriander Collection

Farm fresh from the farm to your table

Looking to shop maize seeds? You’ve come to the right place! At Naomi Seeds, you can find a wide range of maize seeds online in India. We have been supplying a huge quantity of good-quality maize seeds in India. It has very high yield potential and is commonly known as “Queen of cereals”. Maize contains about 10% proteins, 4% oil, 70% carbohydrates, 2.3% crude fiber, 10.4% albuminoides and 1.4% ash. Maize has significant quantities of vitamin A, nicotinic acid, riboflavin and vitamin E. Maize is very important because of good source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and oil present in maize (rich in embryo). This oil is used for cooking and soap making companies. Maize starch is famous in pharmaceutical Industries as diluents and also used in cosmetics.

Explore The Variety of Coriander

At Naomi Seeds, you will find the best quality products for your farms, here you will get a variety of maize varying in different colours, sizes, shape etc, depending upon the region. White, yellow, and red are the most common cultivated maize types. The white and yellow varieties are preferred by most people depending on the region.